Coaches: Want To Stop Chasing And Start Attracting High-Paying Clients Online? 

Discover the psychology on how to build authority, credibility, trust and an e-presence to enroll more clients without being salesy… 

Enroll new prospects organically WITHOUT no shows, price friction, and endless objections

Build your tribe with reciprocity, priming, and untapped laws of psychology 

Discover high-paying audiences that desire, believe and must have your offer...

Launch new group coaching programs that ignite desire like the next iPhone

Create a message so powerful you can’t keep up with “word-of-mouth” referrals

Filter out bad clients so you don’t hassle with refunds and wasted phone calls

Trigger deep emotional, hormonal, and mental programming to make closing easy 

Build your EQ -- emotional intelligence -- so you can leverage empathy not manipulation with every enrollment

Position yourself as the unconventional way to get everything they’ve ever wanted

Leverage simple laws of human behavior to make your message stick and win the hearts of your perfect clients 

Leapfrog to the top of your niche with “hacks” that build authority fast 

Win the respect of your idols and position yourself as their peer

The Online Assets You Build Will Make Paid Ads, Like Facebook, Just Flat Out Work. So You Can Focus On Coaching, Not Chasing...

This is the prebiotic to Facebook ads. Your personal brand FEEDS and FUELS paid advertising. That’s why most coaches think Facebook ads don’t work.  

Each online property will have a purpose. And as a team they will transcend a cold audience into hot prospects, and finally buyers. 

REMEMBER: To make Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads work you must have strategic online assets designed to get new prospects to buy into you and your system BEFORE the call. 

It’s what some people call intent-based branding. 

And some of the best marketers in the world are now JUST catching wind. Which means there’s a HUGE gap for those who build a real brand.... Those who know HOW to intimately connect with their tribe WITHOUT another "salesy" webinar full of empty promises. 

Once you have the e-presence and online properties in place, running paid advertising becomes easy. That’s the secret.

Then you have the option to run your own ads or even better, convince an agency to take a percent of revenue as compensation so you can gain traction WITHOUT putting up your own cash. 

As a side effect you’ll attract affiliates and joint venture partners that’ll throw you hot leads ready to buy. This is how to start stacking revenue, and build a real automated coaching business. 

Step 1: Fill Out This Application

How Does It All Work?

INTERVIEW: Dig up you unique gift, life experiences, and story to craft a truly one of a kind offer.

PHASE 1: Discover your perfect high-paying customer, niche and competition to leapfrog to the top with precision positioning. 

PHASE 2: Craft a story that wins the heart of your customer and builds your tribe. 

PHASE 3: Develop a UVP (unique value proposition) that clearly communicates the value and impact of your service. 

PHASE 4: Position yourself as the expert with a truly unique and thought leading protocol that sparks a movement around you. 

PHASE 5: Design a minimal yet irresistible offer that crushes buyer remorse, builds a list of superfans, captures social proof, and delivers real-world ROI.

PHASE 6: Go live—clearly display your message, buy up online properties, and build a monopoly in your niche. Sneak up behind competition and become “Googleable”. 

BONUS PHASE 7: ONLY for class GROUND ZERO (the first 10 members) this week leverages the brand equity to get clients on the phone. 

BONUS #2 Match With An Agency - I coach and lead ad agencies that follow our proven and profitable ad formula. When you’re ad ready, I’ll find the perfect match so you can focus on the coaching and scale profitably. 

BONUS #3 Done-For-You Bio - Instead of fumbling around with your social profiles I will personally write your Instagram bio to help you clarify your message and convert your following into new leads. 

BONUS #4 Cold Mailing Formula - This system can be applied to email, DM, or Facebook messenger. It’s a strategy designed to build trust, credibility, and a deep relationship from scratch. So you can gain traction and fill your first group coaching program!

What Do I Get? 

Must Have Requirements...

For Health Coaches: I’m VERY serious about something called healthspan—how many years you live healthy without chronic illness and physical restriction. If you’re entering the health market without confidence you can improve the quality of life for those you service, please don’t apply. 

For Business Coaches: I can sniff out when someone is an opportunity seeker. If you don’t know your stuff, I’ll know. I’ve worked on some of the biggest personal brands in the business space including Sam Ovens, Ryan Moran, and Neil Patel. 

If You Read This Far Down… Look Closely. Dissect How I Just Took You Through The Promise, Problem, Big Idea, And Offer...


The lack of credibility, trust, and authority makes enrolling new clients nearly impossible


Once you have an e-presence built around authority, enrolling new clients will become easy… both with organic and paid traffic


You struggle to enroll clients to make ends meet because you don’t have authority, trust, and credibility to sell your perfect customer


Building an online personal brand designed to frame you as the "go to" in your niche will ATTRACT your perfect customer… oh, and make paid traffic just flat out work. 


Specific online assets infused with psychological triggers and human behavior studied for centuries (thing animal kingdom) will: 

    Catapult your message to the top of your industry

    Win both the trust of your tribe and the respect of your idols

    Enroll more clients organically without being salesy or sounding desperate 

    Make paid ads work, so you can fill up your next group coaching program on automate

...and this is just one “player” on the entire team.


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